Q-Lab – Q-Community

Q-community is the title of a project I made for Design Studio at Sint Lucas Academy for Sciences and Arts. The project thematics were envisioning a future for the Quick Hamburger Restaurant Corporation and the Fast Food Industry.

Q-community is the answer we gave to the question of the Quick Hamburger Restaurant Corporation to develop a future vision for them for 2050. We started our creative process in doing an analysis of particular themes in the present and how we see them developping in the future. By making a flowchart with possible scenario’s we came to a very unlikely but still plausible future vision. We then linked this directly to how this would relate to a multi-national fast food company like the Quick and what role a company of this size could play in our future scenario.


In our 2050 scenario we envisioned a regressive future, where people would return to living in small communities rather then in big cities. We thought of finding generative elements in small villages in order to implement something that is generative like a fast food company. In our scenario we predicted a collapse of religion, this gave us the idea of using the typical church buildings as generative central hubs inside the villages.

  • qlab_community_001
  • qlab_community_002
  • qlab_community_003
  • qlab_community_004
  • qlab_community_005
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  • qlab_community_021

The principal of our scenario was centralising all activities around the formal church building inside villages. This was our Q-community scenario, where production and distribution of food is localised instead of globalised.

  • qlab_renders_001
  • qlab_renders_002
  • qlab_renders_003
  • qlab_renders_004
  • qlab_renders_005
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  • qlab_renders_007
  • qlab_renders_008
  • qlab_renders_009
  • qlab_renders_010
  • qlab_renders_011
  • qlab_renders_012
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  • qlab_renders_014
  • qlab_renders_015
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download the complete project book (english)