Mixed Media Lab – Digital Room

The Digital Room is the title of a project I made for the Elective Mixed Media Lab Sessions at Sint Lucas Academy for Science and Arts. The project thematics were modification of media ideas and techniques in order to create something new.

The Digital Room is an interactive virtual room projected through the use of a beamer. Using processing for JAVA and a Microsoft Kinect Sensor we created a virtual room where a user can interact with the walls and ceiling. We then incorporated a Nintendo Wii Remote Controller and a IR-led lit hairband, in order to adapt the perspective of the virtual room, so the user experiences the room as a real 3d environment.

  • digital_program_001
  • digital_program_002
  • digital_program_003
  • digital_program_004
  • digital_program_005
  • digital_program_006
  • digital_program_007
  • digital_program_008
  • digital_program_009
  • digital_program_010
  • digital_program_011
  • digital_program_012
  • digital_program_013
  • digital_program_014
  • digital_program_015
  • digital_program_016

download the processing script