D Exposition Space


D Exposition Space is my digital exposition and working space. Although digital artist develop, design and create in the digital realm the connection with the physical realm is sometimes still needed. For artists who envision certain digital projects of theirs into a physical form they require a certain exposition platform. This platform is usually the transparency map or alpha of a render, the fade or merge algorithm of a layer, the frame of a browser, etc. Their have been periods through time where artists developped their frame with as much aesthetic as they would their artwork. As a counter modern artists simplified their frame to nothing more then a line creating a border between their artwork and its environment. As a tribute and a personal preference I envision my frame as a work on its own. I like the idea of a sense of physicality to my digital work. Therefore I designed, developped and created D exposition Space.

Technically this is offcourse a solid practice in modelling, lighting, texturing and rendering in 3d Studio Max.