Effective Housing – Big Camp, Dubravka

Effective Housing – Big Camp, Dubravka is the title of a project I made for Design Studio at Sint Lucas Academy for Sciences and Arts. The Project thematics were developping a masterplan and a housing concept for the Big Camp site in the city of Dubravka, Bratislava in Slovakia.


I propossed a series of developpment concepts for the site. Self- sustainability and self- suffiency by developping: small- scale commercial facilities; sport, recreation and cultural facilities directed at the community; solely most necesarry administrative facilities; a community center with social health care department. Community-based organisation by considering a medium dense and evenly spread population; incorporation of mixed social concepts and mixed collective space. Residential building concepts by creating: quality and ecological housing concepts; incorporating public-private gradients throughout different designs. And finally an active village were morning, day and evening activities are omnipresent and evenly spread throughout the new site to secure all-day activity.

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download the complete project book (english)