London’s Living Bridge

London’s Living Bridge is the title of a project I made for Design Studio at Sint Lucas Academy for Sciences and Arts. The Project thematics were re- designing and re- thinking a concept for The London Bridge.

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London’s Living Bridge is a project that came about by re- thinking the public transport and connectivity network in London. We did a survey on the public transport now present in London. By protracting the taxi- , bus- , train- ¬†and subway- network we developped different parametric design principles for creating physical urban networks and grids. We came to the design principles of a wet grid, where connections are established by physical links following the directions of minimal resistance. We incorporated a design for the train and subway station and spanned our wet grid from the tower bridge to the Tate Modern. The wet grid is a place that connects the north and south bank of the Thames and creates a full-fledged connection of the two parts of the city.

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download the complete project book part I (english)

download the complete project book part II (english)