Theatre Of The World – Nomadia

Nomadia is the title of a movie I made for an Elective called Theatre of The World at Sint Lucas Academy for Sciences and Arts. The project thematics were analogue and digital modelling techniques and video representation and communication of a concept within architecture.

This movie represents a pan-through through the city of Nomadia. Nomadia is a fantasy city I created. The city drifts in an endless void, it is in decay and has to recycle itself in order to keep developping itself. This circle of life of materials is what marks the city. Therefore this recycling is what I wanted to communicate in the video.

I started by making little models of structural elements used in building- construction. I made a studio set-up and builded several little constructions. I then demolished the constructions and filmed it. These different shots were then played in reverse to create the illusion of a structure that builds itself. The original shots were used to represent the demolishing part of the city. I rendered a cloud of materials and structural elements in 3ds Max, made a photoshop collage of a las-vegas like city and I animated everything in Adobe After Effects. The result is what you see here.