Theatre Of The World – The Vertical City

The Vertical City is the title of a movie we made for an Elective called Theatre of The World at Sint Lucas Academy for Sciences and Arts. The project thematics were analogue and digital modelling techniques and video representation and communication of a concept within architecture.

This movie represents a voyage through a very concentrated vertical city. The scene or theatre is based on a text of Ballard called Concentration City.

We started by making a little studio set-up. We made a scene of 1 meter wide on half a meter deep on 70 centimeters high. The scene was actually half a circle painted black. We then started to make little and detailled parts of a multi-directional city-like structure. Next we assembled them in the scene to give the idea of a very concentrated and chaotic city. We took a series of pictures nicely alligned to be able to stitch them together later. Once alligned and stitched in photoshop we had 3 strips of 3.000×30.000 pixels. We then set-up a virtual scene in premiere pro to animate these strips and then added little details like a monorail, elevator platforms, extra billboards, some fog in the background. The result is what you see here.